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Should Smoking Be Banned In Vegas Casinos?

Thinking or hoping smoking will be banned in Vegas casinos is really wishful thinking. It’s the casino owners of Vegas who make the laws, and they are not going to ban smoking. No serious or casual gambler can imagine walking into a casino where smoking is banned. Casinos encourage smokers, as they know that smokers have other vices as well. Plus they are bigger risk takers than non smoking gamblers. Vegas casinos would lose a large proportion of their clientele if they ban smoking. Fans of James Bond movies have been enraptured by the thrill of the casinos, and they look forward to gaining such an experience. The casino owners of Vegas and the tobacco industry owners will never allow smoking to be banned.

The much trumpeted slogan of second hand smoke affecting other people has never been proven in a court of law. Plus people go to casinos to relax and enjoy while they make or lose some money. They don’t want restrictions placed on their leisure time and venues. In cities where casinos have been forced to ban smoking; the effect has been so harsh that casino owners are considering shutting down the casinos, and moving them to states and cities, where there is no ban and none will be enacted in the near future.

People who advocate banning smoking have no justifiable reasons for this. Their excuses that they don’t like the smell, their eyes water, and second hand smoke can be dangerous for their health. Well there are a number of things that a person may not like, but they put up with them. What will you do if you are seated on a flight next to a person who is wearing a perfume you hate? You just bear with it.

I think the charm of a casino depends not only on the gambling opportunities offered, but by its atmosphere also. People sitting at a blackjack or baccarat table smoking Cuban cigars add a touch of class to the casino. Bars that banned smoking have seen more than 50% of their regular clients disappearing. Do we want the same to happen in Vegas casinos? I don’t think so and I am sure that the majority of people who frequent Vegas casinos will agree with me. If you want health then go to a health spa, why frequent a casino.